Removing Smoke Odors

Grumpy’s Tips To Remove Smoke Odors

Removing the cigarette smell from a room can varying depending on the amount of time the environment has been exposed to the smoke.

In the event of a single incident in a smoke-free room, the first course of action should be to open all available windows or doors. Use ceiling fans or oscillating fans if they are available to help circulate fresh air through the room. Loose fabrics such as sofa covers or drapes should be washed or sprayed with Febreze. Close any open windows and doors and while leaving the fans running spray Ozium generously throughout the room and exit as it will be tough to breathe until the air freshener settles.

Clearing the odor of a smoke impregnated room is much more extensive. Keep in mind that all fabric surfaces should be shampooed or washed. Remove the drapes, sofa slip covers, and areas rugs to have them cleaned with detergent. Spread a baking soda based Arm & Hammer Carpet Cleaner on all carpeted areas and let sit for 15 minutes. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly and repeat until no further dust or powder is collected. Next, you want to cover the entire carpeted area with a blanket coverage spray of Febreeze. Ensure the shampooed areas remain untouched as they dry.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Hard surfaces should also be disinfected with a bleach water solution, a detergent such as Odorban can also be used. Glass windows and mirrors are typical places where smoke will adhere to and should be wiped with Windex or similar ammonia based cleaner. Depending on the situation, the walls may need to be scrubbed with a cleaning solution to remove residue tar from cigarette smoke build-up.

After all hard and soft surfaces have been cleaned and sanitized be sure to replace the air filter from the intake of your air conditioner. A MERV13 Carbon Air Filter is recommended for its charcoal activated filter that increases odor control. Running a dehumidifier will dry the air and help remove any musty aromas.

If continued maintenance is required, using well placed Febreeze plugins will help keep a fresh scent throughout the room.