Removing Closet Odors

Grumpy’s Tips To Remove Closet Odors

I hate when I walk into my closet and get a nasty whiff of stuffy odors. The closet stores all the clothing I ware and I refuse to believe that it’s my wrinkly butt causing these scents. In actuality, stuff odors are common because there is little circulating air in a small space. Here are some tips to keep your closet smelling clean.


Old Grumpy’s Quick Solution

  1. Clean & organize your closet space
  2. Remove laundry baskets and shoes from the closet
  3. Freshen the air with activated bamboo charcoal bags
  4. Add fragrance to the space with recycled dryer sheets
  5. Sprinkle baking soda on the closet floor before vacuuming


Prevention Tips

Closets are small areas filled with clothing, boxes, and shoes. This should be obvious, but many dummies don’t think that the first step is to clean out the closet! Get rid of the source of odor and there is a good chance you just solved the issue.

Clear and organize your closet to give breathing room to the space. Vacuum the floor and dust off the walls and surfaces like you would in any other room. If you have cardboard boxes it’s probably best to switch to plastic units to minimize moisture absorption.

Shoes will likely be your number one cause of odor. People wash their clothing but ignore their shoes. Clean your shoes often by wiping them inside and out. If they are washer safe you could periodically place them in a wash cycle. If you have shoes that you no longer wear then get rid of them. I personally keep a shoe rack by my front door since fresh air comes in every time I open the door.

Don’t throw your dirty laundry in the closet. Use a laundry bin and make sure you do laundry before it overflows.


Grumpy Says: “It should be obvious to clean out the closet as the first step.”



Odor Eliminator Solutions

The simplest solution is to recycle the Dryer Sheets that you use during a laundry cycle. Used sheets typically have enough fragrance to keep small areas smelling fresh. Place the sheets in drawers or in-between layers of stacked clothing. This solution helps to amplify your laundry scent instead of conflicting with it.

Another simple trick is to spray perfume or cologne on tissue paper or cotton balls. I would not recommend spritzing directly on the clothing since it can be overpowering. Place the tissue paper in-between clothing and cotton balls along dresser drawers or the corners of the closet.

Since excess humidity can be the first cause of musty smells, my next recommendation is a moisture absorber that also leaves a pleasant scent in the air. This stuff lasts for a couple months and is amazing to see it filled with water pulled from the air. If only I could keep water trapped in my body.

Vinegar is my tried and true natural method of cleaning and deodorizing around my home. The initial scent may be strong for some but it will absorb and neutralize stuffy closet odors. Fill a bowl with vinegar and leave it on the closet floor overnight. Remove it the following day but leave the door open for a few hours for air circulation.

Coffee grounds work just as well at absorbing and neutralizing stuffy closet odors. Place unbrewed coffee grounds into a bowl and place on the closet floor overnight. You could leave the grounds in a corner for a week or so if you choose. Coffee works especially well at absorbing smoke odors.

My favorite recommendation is to use Activated Bamboo Charcoal. This stuff is great for absorbing impurity odors from the air. Just keep in mind that it can take a week to remove stubborn smells but it lasts a long time. You can place the bags in dresser drawers or just place them anywhere in the closet. I place bags inside the shoes I used the most often to absorb the most consternated odors.

Baking Soda is a universal solution for removing odors from small spaces and absorbing excess moisture. Place a box of baking soda in a hidden but safe spot where you won’t risk spilling it. It works great to sprinkle a bit inside your shoes or in laundry baskets. You can sprinkle a little on the carpet before vacuuming.


Grumpy Says: “Baking Soda is a universal solution for removing odors from small spaces and absorbing excess moisture.”