Removing Hamper Odors

Grumpy’s Tips To Remove Hamper Odors

I hate the smell that comes from my hamper. It’s truly one of the muskiest odors I have ever come across and with my old age, it’s not helping. Piles of clothes that have built up sweat and other odor producing gunk can really take a toll on your nose. There are some tips to help freshen up that basket.


Old Grumpy’s Quick Solution

  1. Clean with a mixed cup of baking soda with water
  2. Enzymes laundry detergent additive helps kill bacteria
  3. Periodically disinfect with vinegar or disinfectant spray
  4. Neutralize odors by recycling dryer sheets into the hamper
  5. Freshen the air with activated bamboo charcoal bags


Clean The Hamper

It should be obvious that the first step in odor prevention is to clean the hamper. Depending on the type of hamper you have will determine the best way to clean it.

Plastic Hampers

Use water mixed with 1 cup of Baking Soda to clean the hamper. Scrub the hamper with a soft bristle brush and leave it outside to air dry.

Fabric Hampers

You can throw fabric hampers into the washer machine. Wash with hot water on a normal cycle. You can add a Laundry Detergent Additive that uses enzymes to break down odor-producing bacteria. Air dry once the cycle is done.

Wooden Hampers

Extra care needs to be given to wooden hammers since you want to avoid excess water. First, vacuum with a dust brush attachment, making sure to get every nook and cranny. Then mix Baking Soda with a little water to make a paste-like substance. Use a rag to rub onto the surface and then follow up with a dry rag to wipe off any solution residue.


Grumpy Says: “The type of hamper you have will determine the best way to clean it”



Disinfect The Hamper

You will want to consider periodic disinfecting regardless of the type of hamper you have. Bacteria from constant dirty clothes can build upon the hamper surface. Every few loads, or at least once a month, wipe your laundry hamper. You can use Vinegar or a Disinfectant Spray. Just apply either one to a cloth and gently wipe all the sides of the hamper.

Be aware that wooden hampers may experience a slight discoloring. But its a hamper … not a decorative item.

Odor Solutions

Let’s talk about tips to keep your hamper smelling fresh now that you have a cleaned it and are periodically disinfecting.

The simplest solution is to recycle the Dryer Sheets that you use during a laundry cycle. Used sheets typically have enough fragrance to keep small areas smelling fresh. Trow a couple sheets back into the bottom of your hamper before you add more clothes. The sheets are not going to make all your clothes smell good but they will help neutralize the odors from the dirty laundry.

A box of Baking Soda is the tried and true method of eliminating many of life’s odors. Sprinkle a bit baking soda on your laundry whenever you add a dirty sock, gym shorts, and any smelly addition. The baking soda will also help remove stains during the wash so you don’t have to worry about removing the powder. Try using Odor Balls if your memory is as bad as mine and you don’t want to remember to add baking soda every time. These little balls will last you a couple months, so you can add them and forget them.

My favorite recommendation for items around the house is to use Activated Bamboo Charcoal. This stuff is great for absorbing impurity odors from the air. You can place the bags on the bottom of the hamper or hang them off the edge. They last a ridiculously long time so you can really set it and forget it.


Grumpy Says: “The simplest solution is to recycle the Dryer Sheets.”