Removing Body Odors

Grumpy’s Tips To Remove Body Odors

I really hate body odor. It only got worse as I got older. The human body can really be a disgusting thing. It turns out that there are many causes of our bodily smells that are easily overlooked. Here are some tips to prevent and control your stink.


Old Grumpy’s Quick Solution

  1. Take regular showers – no brainer
  2. Monitor your diet – you are what you eat
  3. Wear breathable fabrics and keep your feet dry
  4. Vinegar is a natural antiseptic that you can apply


General Prevention Tips

Regular Washing

This should be obvious – Take a shower! Bathing at least once a day can help control bacteria growth on your skin. Put extra effort in areas such as your feet, groin, and armpits. I personally like to use Irish Spring Soap.


The saying you are what you eat is actually based on something. Many foods and spices are known to cause bad breath. It turns out you also exude strong scents through your pores hours after you have eaten. For occasional bad breath, chew on parsley leaves. For the occasional body odor, try a few drops of peppermint oil on your tongue. Consider changing your diet if you have consistent strong body odor.

Stress Levels

Most animals communicate through smells produced by the body. In our technological age, we actively ignore many scents. You probably heard of pheromones that we release in our sweat. Stress also triggers a different kind of smell that lets other animals know we are agitated and to stay away.

Turns out we are not completely immune to scent communication because we pick up on this trigger as body odor. On top of this, odor-causing bacteria feast on the oils released by our glands in areas like our armpits. Consider taking a few minutes to relax, start meditation, or practice yoga. Controlling your breathing at a 2-second interview rate for 5 minutes will relax you and help you focus.

Feet & Shoes

Our feet, and in relation our shoes, can be the greatest source of odors on our body and closet.   At home keep your feet dry by removing your shoes when you don’t need them. When in public try to wear cotton socks to wick moisture from your skin.

Let your shoes dry before throwing them in your closet. You can sprinkle some Baking Soda inside your shoes to help eliminate odors and moisture. You make not like this but it’s a good idea to change out your shoes. Keeping old shoes cause discomfort and is breeding ground for bacteria. Runners have a mileage of when they replace shoes and you should too.

Wear Breathable Fabrics

Just as airflow helps reduce odors in your home, the same goes for your body. Airflow will keep your skin dryer and reduce moisture that odor-causing bacteria will feed on. Climate allowing, consider using fabrics like cotton, wools, and silk for breathability. As for working out clothing, consider using moisture-wicking synthetic materials.


There are supplements that you can take with your meals that can control body odor. Results do vary between people. You can take natural deodorizers such as Chlorophyll or wheatgrass.


Grumpy Says: “Our feet can be the greatest source of odors on our body.”



Odor Control Solutions


This one is a no-brainer. Our armpits secrete a lot of sweat and oils that bacteria thrive on. Use deodorants, that is what they were made for. If you have a growing teen, make sure they use them. To this day I don’t understand why my grandson refuses to apply a layer. It takes less than 3 seconds!


The number one household item I recommend for just about anything needing odor elimination is Vinegar. It’s a natural antiseptic that can help kill bacteria and fungi on the skin’s surface. Apply a light amount on odor producing areas and whip dry to help with body odor.

Natural Sterilizer

Other natural solutions include Witch Hazel and tea tree oils. Witch Hazel modifies your skin’s PH to make it undesirable for bacteria. Tea tree oils act as a natural antiseptic to kill bacteria.